About HeartFelt
Founded in 2013, HeartFelt is a company which produces greeting cards and gift articles that generally include poetry by the company owner, Hulda Ólafsdóttir. The gift articles include candles, calendars and books, as well as hearts made of plexiglass.

The goal of HeartFelt is to communicate feelings of warmth and affection by using texts and graphics.

Hulda Ólafsdóttir is both the owner and the company’s sole employee. After working for several years at an advertising agency in Akureyri, North Iceland, Hulda began dedicating herself full-time to HeartFelt in late 2013.
Born on 25 May 1969, Hulda and her two siblings grew up at their parents' farm out in the country. Today, Hulda lives in Akureyri with her own three children, and since the farm is not far away, they can visit it regularly. Their cat Elding is a fifth member of the Akureyri household, which also contains the office where Hulda shapes and develops her ideas. This setup suits her well, as she can be available for her children whenever they need her. Of course, they are growing up fast and will soon be heading off on their own.

Ever since 2009, Hulda has been composing verses and brief texts which have later been printed on cards and other articles. While these products have so far been available only in Icelandic, the company aims in the future to provide foreign languages as well. The graphics on the cards and other products are sometimes based on photographs or drawings by Hulda, but she also gathers ideas from people, nature, the Internet, newspapers and magazines, music, films and just anywhere she happens to go.

Watch out, since you might become her next idea!!